Friday, November 13, 2009

This blog was created for men who genuinely appreciate fashion. It's not about the labels or the price. It's about style. I am the vessel if you will. Your guiding light of where and how to incorporate great style into your wardrobe. Fashion in itself is a hard pill to swallow for some. They simply just don't get it. With that in mind, I'm sure 90% won't understand my vision and that's okay. Everything is not meant to be taken literal. That's the fun part about fashion.

The idea is to take what you see and find your own path to style enlightenment. When you break it down, dressing is quit simple. Shirts, pants, underwear, outerwear, & shoes. How hard is that? It's all about style. I can't stress style enough. Being dressed from head to toe in labels does not mean you are giving fashion by any means. The funny thing is, I've dressed myself from thrift stores, even to this day, and score more compliments than the label freaks in all Gucci.

Style my friends, style. Take this journey with me and learn to appreciate this crazy thing called fashion. When in doubt remember this: "In fashion, first, learn all the rules. Then, break them!"

These boots are made for attention...

Whoever said boots were intended for the west definately missed the memo for these great finds.
Top: Jefferey-West Rafael
Middle: ALDO Barduccio
Bottom: ALDO Feuerstein

Feeling Blue

Guys, I can't stress enough the importance of shoes. Shoes can tell alot about a man. Go for quality at all times. Need I mention, don't forget the wow factor. Try these on for size.

ALDO Goodreau

If you're looking to spice up your wardrobe this Fall/Winter try mixing in a little updated retro with these shoe options from ALDO. With jeans or casual slacks they are sure to be a hit. I should know, I own both pair.

Swear Dean 2 Special Edition (Sold Out)

If you missed this special edition of the Dean shoe by Swear, don't worry. The London based shoe saviors have much more to offer.
See all of there collection at: