Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GLAM Homme Trend Alert!

The Fashion Military Boot. These boots are by no means new. However, they have made a impressive comeback this year & you should not be caught without a pair. Numerous shoe designers have taken to this military style form this fall/winter season. The boots will definately add GLAM & edge to wardrobe.

The Definition of Glam Homme

These coats are another Glam Homme exclusive find. Join the blog to get the link for these dapper coats. They are essential for this fall/winter. Limited quantities! Join now!

You Can't Be Glam Without The Leather

This is by far the best leather jacket selections I've found worthy of being GLAM Homme. In fact, they are so incredibly stylist I can only share the exclusive shopping link by joining this blog. Don't miss out! Limited quantities!

Be GLAM Homme for Under $30.00?

Portfranc Knit Turtleneck Knit Top $28.00

Saruel Sweat Pants $25.00

DANGOON Knit Top $34.00 (This one is slightly over the $30 cap but well worth it)

EROMO Ribbed Hem Strip Pullover $28.00

Hwang Kum Style Rib Knit Hand Warmers $15.00

OWL Fashion Bracelet $15.00

SLOWBABA Grommet Detailed Belt $28.00

SLOWBABA Grommet Detailed Belt $28.00

PAR Leather Card Holder $28.00

PAR Leather Card Holder $28.00

Yes indeed my friends. As I stated at the beginning of this blog, it's not about the price, it's about style. Price is usually associated with quality. However, when it comes to clothing, they do not last forever. As seasons change items once coveted get pushed to the back of the closet. So, why not invest in a cheaper brand? I mean, how many times do you wear the same clothes anyway? Here are some great inexpensive finds that will have even the rich & pompous turning their heads.