Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vintage Eyewear For The GLAM Male

The Icon: Malcom X

Vintage 1950's Marked WJ


Giovani di Venezia

Super Eyewear



When choosing eyewear, whether prescription for the aesthetic fashionable appeal, vintage is key. Vintage eyewear never goes out of style. They are like classic cars. They soon become one of a kind & represent you as an individual. As of late, vintage eyewear has become a trend. Worn by celebrities & socialites all over. As we all know, trends are short lived. However, choosing a quality vintage frame that suits your style can outlast this wave of hollywood posers. Glasses can become symbolic and represent you from day to day, year after year. Take Malcom X for example. When his name is mentioned you immediately think of those 1950's browline frames. I have found some worthy mentionables (vintage & vintage inspired fashionable eyewear) that are definately GLAM Homme.

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