Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mens Spring/Summer Preview

Yes guys, the 80's are still alive and well. I know we've all enjoyed more than our fair share of the skinny jeans punk era of the 80's but for the Spring/Summer designers have taken to the more upscale era of the 80's. So, if you are a true fashionisto, you should be hanging up those skinny jeans this Spring/Summer for a more casually dressed fashion approach.

I've been telling my friends who, for one reason or the other, despise the 80's that it is far from over. The 80's were a time of independence and rebellion. Fashion had no restrictions and style was more relevant. There were just simply too many trends of the 80's to just think that it would halt at skinny jeans, seriously.

Being a freelance menswear designer/stylist and student, naturally, I study fashion and trends. I've known for a while now that 2010 would be more dressed than what we've seen from the previous seasons of 2008-2009. Therefore, I stocked up on pleated and cropped pants, single and double-breasted blazers, dress shoes and (insert gasp here) short shorts. That's right, I am prepared for this spring and summer and it is not too late for you either.

During this recession designers have taken to a more ready-to-wear approach. These are separate pieces that are easy to wear and match with current items in your wardrobe. In addition, shopping this season couldn't be easier or financially straining. Most of these looks can be achieved by simply shopping your local thrift stores or even raiding your dad’s closet. There is no reason to be left in the fashion dust this year.


3.1 Phillip Lim SS10

Michael Bastian SS10

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS10

Lanvin SS10

Lacoste SS10

Duckie Brown SS10

Dior Homme SS10


Band of Outsiders SS10

Ann Demeulemeester SS10

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