Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KELIS Represents GLAM Homme!

Since her debut breakout single "Caught Out There" from the Kaleidoscope album in 1999, I have always admired this Harlem breed songstress. This two time grammy-nominated Fly Girl has definately been light years ahead of industry in both music, style & fashion. Never being afraid to color outside of the box & go against the grain has definately made Kelis an icon. With her fifth studio album in production and numerous hit singles it has been a long time coming that I mention this idol.

One of the most interesting things about Kelis, in "GLAM Hommes" opinion has been her outlook on fashion. This will probably be the ONLY FEMALE mentioned on this male GLAM blog & for all the right reasons. Kelis represents confidence, which is one of the most important characteristic of fashion. Being fearless in expressing her self through both personal style and fashion has set her apart from the rest of the indsutry.

It seem that currently fashion for both males & females has become generic, trendy, & definately over-thought. Whatever is "in" is whats accepatble and marketable, or so says the media. Being edgy was a once a lifestyle, now it has become a fad. This is not the case for those of us who have always had personal style and have always set the trends instead of follow them. Kelis is amongst this leaders of style & fashion. Ever changing & going for it all has earned Kelis spots on numerous magazines covers and many mentions in fashion magazines.

Today, GLAM Homme pays homeage to this fiery artist. Her new single from her 5th studio album tentatively titled, "Flesh Tones", due spring 2010 is titled "Acapella". This dance tune sets the vibe for the upcoming album. Kelis states wanting the album to "make you sweat again". Well, I am definately on pins & needles for the album.

For now, a look at the fashion icon and her killer looks over the years.


  1. Anyone that can appreciate Kelis is a friend of mine. This is definitely one of the best photographic homages to Kelis that I've seen. You have a great great eye. ;-)