Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When The HAIR Is All That Matters

Your hair can say just as much about you as the shoes, clothes & accessories you wear. It is ,indeed, part of your first impression. Idealy, we shouldn't judge people solely on their physical appearances but, realistcally when you first meet someone that is all you have to go on.

Your hair can speak about you in volumes (no pun intended). It can define whether you're conservative, artistic, fashion forward, or just safe. It can reveal your hygiene habits, i.e, scent, dandruff, damage, breakage, unkempt &/or uncgroomed. It can also be an indicator of your age.

Hair can seem a bit intimidating & overwhelming. With all the cuts, colors, styles and trends it is definately a thought process. I would never recommend partaking in any hair technique that requires a proffessional. That could spell disaster in the worst way. If you have any doubts about a particular style or cut it is a wise decision to consult a salon or barber.

Choosing a salon or barber is just like choosing a best friend. In a sense, you want them to be someone you trust. Before choosing make sure to do your research. Use your friends, colleagues, or anyones style you find intersting as a reference. They can often refer you to a great salon/barber shop, as well as a particular stylist/barber all in one.

Once you have chosen your hair destination and stylist/barber, make sure you tell them in detail the style you prefer. A great tip is to bring in a photo of the style you wish to have. A good stylist/barber will let you know if it is fesible depending on your hair type, length and condition, which leads me to the next point. A good stylist will try a particular style on you because it's what you want. A great stylist will guide you through the process and also show you different options you may like as well.

Never be afraid to question your stylist/barbers qualifications. How long have they been styling/cutting & what school they attended are a few good questions to ask. If for any reason you should feel uncomfortable with your salon and or sylist/barber, you have the right to retract your services with them. A trip to the salon/barber should always be a pleasant experience. If your heart starts pounding a million times per minute and you cringe at the thought of where you are styled, move on!

In addition to choosing your styling destination be sure to check the condition of the business as well. A great salon/barber shop will be clean first & foremost. There should never be hair or chemicals lying around. They should offer you clean and current reading materials, bottled water, coffee and or soda while you wait. At the very least they should have a soda machine. The waiting area is also a great way to inquire about the salon/barber shop. It gives you a chance to talk with the current patrons about their experiences with the business.

Taking these suggestions into consideration should allow you to chose the best location & stylist/barber. For now, we will take a look at some styles that are considered GLAM HOMME. As mentioned in the title, these styles are for the man who is not afraid to go there. Be bold, be daring, be different, be GLAM HOMME! Enjoy!

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